4 Weeks before Last Frost (2021)

So much is happening in the gardening, it is such a fun time! My yard is split into various zones. In the backyard, I mainly grow food (though I do have three apple trees, a sour cherry tree, herbs, a grape vine, and some berries out front). I have a large (about 16′ x 16′) vegetable garden I have completely redone the garden layout for this year, drawing on raised row gardening. I also have some perennials and fruit trees in that garden (asparagus, strawberries, one grape vine, one fig tree, and two peach trees). So far, in the garden, I have planted some marigolds, garlic (probably not going to do as well as if I had planted in fall), onions, a lettuce mix, arugula, and spinach.

Garden Plan so Far

Outside of the vegetable garden I have lined the fence with blueberry and raspberry plants and interspersed some daffodils.

I also planted four new fruit trees this week. The trees were from Stark Brothers and were a Dwarf Granny Smith Apple, a Dwarf Black Tartarian Sweet Cherry Dwarf, a Semi-Dwarf Starkspur Red Rome Beauty Apple, and a Semi-Dwarf Emperor Francis Sweet Cherry. My plan is to train them to line the path sort of like espeliar but a bit less formal. I am also trying to keep them small and manageable so I’ve been following the advice in Grow a Little Fruit Tree by Ann Ralph. She recommends lopping them off at knee height when you get them to make a strong trunk and keep the tree from getting too large. It was very painful to cut off two feet of my new trees, but we’ll see how it goes! Also, as per tradition, I put some of my dogs’ ashes in the trees for good luck and so I can think of them when they fruit and flower. (Gromit and Bella were good dogs!).

Out front is mainly for flowers. So far the crocus, daffodils, snow drops and hellebore (lenten roses) are blooming. The hyacinths, fancy daffodils, anemone, and tulips will be blooming soon!

I also have a large maple tree that is putting out pretty red buds (that will turn into the little helicopter seeds).

The Maple Tree out Front

In the basement, the seedlings are continuing to grow. Unfortunately, I neglected the plants a bit and some look very sad since they didn’t get enough water. I gave them some extra TLC today and hope they snap out of it.

Indoor PlantingsSourceWhen PlantedGerminated
Basil (Genovese)Baker Creek4 Weeks BLF???
Tomato (White Tomesol)Baker Creek4 Weeks BLF???
Tomato (Cour di Bue)Baker Creek4 Weeks BLF???
Tomato (Paul Robeson)Baker Creek4 Weeks BLF???
Tomato (Black Cherry)Baker Creek4 Weeks BLF???
Tomato (Wood’s Famous Brimmer)Baker Creek4 Weeks BLF???
Snap Dragons (Black Prince)Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF~3 Weeks
Broccoli (Hybrid Mini)Johnny’s7 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Cauliflower (White Amazing) Johnny’s7 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Kale (Blue Curled Scotch) Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Brussels Sprouts (Catskill) Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF???
Cauliflower (Hybrid Specialty)Johnny’s7 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Cabbage (Brunswick)Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Ancho/Poblano PeppersEden Brothers7 Weeks BLF~2 Weeks
Peppers (Jalapeño Early)Eden Brothers7 Weeks BLF~2 Weeks
Peppers (Brazilian Starfish)Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF~2 Weeks
Peppers (Doux D’Espagne)Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF~2 Weeks
Tomatoes (Purple Russian)Baker Creek7 Weeks BLF1 Week
Brussels Sprouts (Catskill)Baker Creek10 Weeks BLFXXX
Broccoli (Waltham 29)Baker Creek10 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Cabbage (Brunswick)Baker Creek10 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Cauliflower (Rober)Baker Creek10 Weeks BLF~1 Week
Kale (Blue Curled Scotch)Baker Creek10 Weeks BLF~ 3 Days
Peppers (Jalapeño)Me10 Weeks BLFXXX
Peppers (Jalapeño Early)Eden Brothers10 Weeks BLF~ 3 Weeks
Peppers (Poblano)Me10 Weeks BLFXXX
Snapdragons (Black Prince)Baker Creek10 Weeks BLF~ 2 Weeks
Stock (Antique Pink)Johnny’s 10 Weeks BLF~ 1 Week
Stock (Katz Formula Mix)Johnny’s10 Weeks BLF~ 1 Week
Indoor Planting Progress
Outdoor PlantingsSourceWhen PlantedNotes
Sweet Cherry (Emperor Francis)Stark Bros4 Weeks BLFBack Path
Sweet Cherry (Black Tartarian)Stark Bros4 Weeks BLFBack Path
Apple (Red Rome Beauty)Stark Bros4 Weeks BLFBack Path
Apple (Granny Smith)Stark Bros4 Weeks BLFBack Path
Spinach???5 Weeks BLFVeggie Patch
ArugulaBaker Creek 5 Weeks BLFVeggie Patch
Lettuce (Cosmic Crimson Mix)Baker Creek5 Weeks BLFVeggie Patch
Heritage Red RaspberryStark Bros4 Weeks BLFBack Fence
Ringmaster OnionStark Bros4 Weeks BLFVeggie Patch
Italian Late GarlicStark Bros5 Weeks BLFPlanted with Strawberries
Probably Wrong Time
Marigolds (Varios)Baker Creek5 Weeks BLFProbably too Early –
I got Excited
Grape???5 Weeks BLFTransplanted along
fence of Veggie Patch
FigFarmer’s Market 5 Weeks BLFTransplanted inside of
Veggie Patch
Outside Planting Progress

I went out to Vintage Hill about a week ago and bought some butterfly bushes and Lantana for the front fence to create a vibrant butterfly garden along the front for others to enjoy. I will plant those out in April. I need to transplant lots of things and I am also going to build a pond in the front, so lots of things in the works!

In terms of resources, I am totally loving Gardener’s World with Monty Don. I’ve been watching through Amazon Prime with the free trial of the Inside Outside. add on. The show is just delightful and informative and I watch while I cycle in the basement. I’ve learned so much from the show and gotten to see gardens from around the UK.

Until next time, happy gardening!

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