December 2022

Time is flying by! The updates come later and later. Hoping to have some solid garden time in February. For now, here is a brief update on the garden from last month.

It froze. It froze hard. It froze hard for 4 days. My plants and I are not a fan of the cold. Here are some flowers that bloomed prior to the hard freeze.

We’ll see what comes out of the sad mess that was bananas, guava, avocados, and mangos. When spring gets here next month I’ll cut back that which does not green back up. Sigh. I did cover everything, but I think next time I’ll also make sure to water in better prior to the freeze. View some of the carnage below.

I continued to clear new garden beds and planted some native seeds, but forgot to take pictures. I also picked a bunch of green tomatoes before the freeze. They have been ripening up and are still quite delicious. I made some delightful bruschetta using Cookie + Kate’s recipe and some bread from our local bakery Vine. January’s updates are not going to be so exciting, but I February should see some real growth! Stay tuned.

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