Confession time: I love gladiolus. I couldn’t grow them in Florida; gladiolus need a bit of a freeze and they just can’t get that in the Sunshine State. When I came to Missouri I started seeing gladiolus bulbs at my local garden centers and decided to give them a whirl. They love Columbia, Missouri and have quickly become some of my favorite flowers. Gladiolus are … Continue reading Gladiolus


Spring came and went so quickly! I was outside in the garden rather than inside writing, so this blog was sadly ignored. Now that summer is here and my garden just requires a bit of maintenance (weed pulling and fertilizing) I am ready to write! Today’s post is all about the milkweed. Pollinators have been getting more attention lately and that’s great! What’s not great … Continue reading Milkweed

Christmas Cactus

Growing up my mom always had a ton of Christmas cactus in and around our house. Christmas cactus are like the fluffy, rainbow bunnies of cacti. They don’t have painful spikes, come in lots of pretty colors, and put on a magical¬†colorful show in late fall/early winter (around, wait for it, Christmas). If you don’t have a green thumb, no problem; Christmas cactus are also … Continue reading Christmas Cactus