Confession time: I love gladiolus. I couldn’t grow them in Florida; gladiolus need a bit of a freeze and they just can’t get that in the Sunshine State. When I came to Missouri I started seeing gladiolus bulbs at my local garden centers and decided to give them a whirl. They love Columbia, Missouri and have quickly become some of my favorite flowers. Gladiolus are … Continue reading Gladiolus

2017 Top Bouquets: #5

It’s less than 20 degrees outside and my garden is covered in snow. I’ve ordered (too many) seeds and bulbs and am now waiting until spring arrives (45 days!!!). In the meantime, I’ve decided to countdown my top five bouquets of 2017. #5 – Daffodils – February 23, 2017 The first bouquet of 2017 comes in at #5. I picked these beauties in February when … Continue reading 2017 Top Bouquets: #5

TED Talks about Gardening

I enjoy listening to podcasts. Recently, I was listening to an episode of the TED Radio Hour Podcast called The Food We Eat. The first story featured a woman named Pam Warhurst who is sort of a rebel gardener. In her town of Todmorden, England she started a movement called Incredible Edible with the slogan, “If you eat, you are in.” Stop and think about how awesome that slogan is. … Continue reading TED Talks about Gardening