October 2022

Not a lot of gardening this month, but here’s what I did do.

I bought and planted two apple trees. One is an Anna and the other is a Dorset. They were both cultivated to grow in areas with fewer chill hours, however, I still doubt they will do well, apples just don’t do so well in Florida. However, I can’t help it, I love apples and want to give it a try. I also moved and cleaned up my pond and got 6 new feeder fish for it. So far, despite the many raccoon murder attempts, the fish are still alive.

I picked a guava and it went bad before I ate it (sigh).

The tomatoes and peppers are coming along. The squash are really struggling.

There are still some flowers blooming. I favorite of mine is the lemon beebalm.

I found out that bumblebees sleep on cosmos. They are adorable. It kind of looks like a bumblebee hotel.

Here’s a video of the bumblebees, I was obviously very excited to see them all tucked in there. 🙂

The Barbados cherries (all three of them) came in, I planted another avocado tree, and my bananas are doing well.

I bought some more plants at Grow Hub and said hi to Lewis and Clark (the donkeys) while I was there.

We got some slices at Satchels and I made Dan stand next to this massive staghorn fern so I could get a picture with him for scale.

That’s about it! We had a busy and fun month with work travels, Halloween, the Fest, and other goings on so the garden took a backseat. I imagine it will get a similar lack of attention in November, but stay tuned to find out!

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