August 2022

This month saw a lot of activity in the garden. I cleared a lot of overgrown areas and continued to clean up my raised beds. There isn’t much blooming at the moment aside from skunk vine, blanket flowers, and roselle. I am so excited to see how my bougainvillea trellis looks in bloom. Overall, lots of excitement heading into fall.

Garden odds and Ends

To start off the month I found out what was eating the leaves from my orange tree, a bird poop caterpillar. This ugly little fellow will transform into a giant swallowtail butterfly. I watched the caterpillar and found its chrysalis, however, I unfortunately missed its emergence. I hope it enjoyed life flying around the yard! I’m sure it had plenty to eat. πŸ™‚

Here’s a sampling of the August blooms I happened to catch pictures of.


I also took some time to continue to add some hardscaping and to generally just clean up around the yard.

That’s about it. August is a bit slow in Florida gardening because it is so hot. I look forward to fall gardening and thinking about the next big project…maybe a bigger pond? πŸ˜‰

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