July 2022

I’m stepping a bit back from social media so I thought I’d use this blog to document some garden progress for the prior month. Given my garden record keeping is fairly dismal at the moment, this required me to go through my month in photographs, which was actually a lot of fun. The big takeaways below are arranged by topics rather than chronologically. I am trying to capture the main interesting occurrences from the month.


I had loads of sunflowers to start the month. I bought several varieties from who knows where and planted them in either May or June. They gave a brilliant show and fed a lot of pollinators!

A Pair of Pileated Woodpeckers

These two showed up earlier in the month and hung around for awhile. They were fun to watch.

Clean Edges

I ordered two pallets of edging stones to start containing and better defining my garden beds. I did this in Missouri and I wanted to recreate it here in Florida. I made good progress in July and am still working on it now that August is here.

Odds and Ends

My elephant ear has bloomed multiple times.

I started some jalapeño pepper and roma tomato seeds.

The cactus my mom gave me bloomed.

I cut some flowers for a nice bouquet.

That’s about it. It is hot. The veggie garden is pretty slow. It has rained quite a bit (which is great) and I am looking forward to seeing what fall brings around the garden.

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