6 Weeks before Last Frost (2021)

My little seedlings are warm and snug in the basement. I planted a bunch more last week (mostly peppers and tomatoes). Yesterday I found the first flower of 2021, a cute little crocus. So far the plant status is: Plant Source When Planted Germinated Snap Dragons (Black Prince) Baker Creek 7 Weeks BLF ??? Broccoli (Hybrid Mini) Johnny’s 7 Weeks BLF ~ 3 Days Cauliflower … Continue reading 6 Weeks before Last Frost (2021)

Vegetable Garden Planning – February 2021

It’s cold and rainy. It’s also about 10 weeks out from our last frost date which for us is around April 10th. I’ve been reading up on all sorts of things veggie gardening this winter. A resource I’ve found a lot of value in is the University of Missouri Extension’s monthly gardening tips (here is February’s). Important dates in Columbia, Missouri: Mid-January = 12 Weeks … Continue reading Vegetable Garden Planning – February 2021

Vegetable Gardening – Ugh

My veggie gardens always disappoint. I’ve tried several methods since moving to Columbia, MO. First, I just tried normal raised beds. Then, within those beds, I tried square foot gardening. I am never happy with the results. The raised beds tend to dry out too quickly. The plants get pretty crowded and weeding is difficult. I eye my friends’ gardens with envy, what am I … Continue reading Vegetable Gardening – Ugh