Starting Anew

Looking back at this blog, I realize the last time I wrote about my garden was on March 14, 2021! That was 280 days ago. I completely missed updates about my spring and summer garden. Little did I know at the time, that would be the last spring and summer in my Missouri garden (see links below for garden highlights from our final months in Missouri). Through a string of events (and by choice), I am now back home in Florida, Gainesville, Florida to be precise.

One of the realtor’s photos from our Missouri house
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Garden Albums from our last months in Missouri

Previously I lived in Gainesville when I attended the University of Florida from 1999-2003. Being back is a little weird, but also fun. In terms of gardening, I did have a small garden when I lived in Apopka, Florida before I left Florida for grad school. That garden was small and nothing like what I left behind in Missouri. (I wish I had pictures!). So Florida gardening is pretty much still new to me.

Our new yard is a blank slate (see the pictures below). There are very few plants purposefully planted in the yard. It is a third of an acre and mostly grass. I am super excited, but it is also a bit daunting. There are so many differences between gardening in Missouri and Florida.

First of all, I went from Zone 6b to Zone 9a. This is a huge difference and means I can no longer grow some of my favorite plants (some varieties of roses, apples, etc.) but can grow other favorites (camellias!). It is also why the Florida yard looks like the pictures above instead of this in mid-December.

December 2012 in Columbia, Missouri

In addition, Missouri is clay soil. It is thick, it clumps, and it doesn’t drain well. However, it is also very fertile and is great for growing. Florida soil is mostly sand. It is easy to dig, it doesn’t clump, and it drains well. It is not very fertile, I’ll have to do a lot of amending to grow some plants.

Anyhow, I’ve started to garden and that makes this house feel more like home. I will try to remember before and after pictures as I go. More updates to come!

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