Spring came and went so quickly! I was outside in the garden rather than inside writing, so this blog was sadly ignored. Now that summer is here and my garden just requires a bit of maintenance (weed pulling and fertilizing) I am ready to write! Today’s post is all about the milkweed. Pollinators have been getting more attention lately and that’s great! What’s not great … Continue reading Milkweed

TED Talks about Gardening

I enjoy listening to podcasts. Recently, I was listening to an episode of the TED Radio Hour Podcast called The Food We Eat. The first story featured a woman named Pam Warhurst who is sort of a rebel gardener. In her town of Todmorden, England she started a movement called Incredible Edible with the slogan, “If you eat, you are in.” Stop and think about how awesome that slogan is. … Continue reading TED Talks about Gardening

Garden Walks – Maria’s Garden in Apopka, Florida

  Apopka, Florida is a small city just north of Orlando in garden zone 9B. Needless to say, gardening in Apopka is a bit different than Columbia, Missouri. This week I bring you our first garden walk courtesy of my mother, Maria. I used to live next door to Maria’s house, before moving to Athens, GA, and I also grew up in Orlando so I … Continue reading Garden Walks – Maria’s Garden in Apopka, Florida