July 2022

I’m stepping a bit back from social media so I thought I’d use this blog to document some garden progress for the prior month. Given my garden record keeping is fairly dismal at the moment, this required me to go through my month in photographs, which was actually a lot of fun. The big takeaways below are arranged by topics rather than chronologically. I am … Continue reading July 2022

6 Weeks before Last Frost (2021)

My little seedlings are warm and snug in the basement. I planted a bunch more last week (mostly peppers and tomatoes). Yesterday I found the first flower of 2021, a cute little crocus. So far the plant status is: Plant Source When Planted Germinated Snap Dragons (Black Prince) Baker Creek 7 Weeks BLF ??? Broccoli (Hybrid Mini) Johnny’s 7 Weeks BLF ~ 3 Days Cauliflower … Continue reading 6 Weeks before Last Frost (2021)