Amaryllis in a Box

Today’s the solstice which means that longer and warmer days are coming (countdown to March 1st is at 70 days!!!). In the meantime, the view out of my front window is depressingly bare. So what’s a gardener to do? Well, I could certainly plan my spring garden (my giant Baker Creek Seeds catalog did come in the mail) or I could find some indoor flower fun!

Indoor fun won when my husband got me (after some not-so-subtle hints) two amaryllis bulb kits!



These came from the local hardware store and each kit came with a bulb, a plastic pot, and a dehydrated dirt pod.


All I had to do was unwrap the dirt pods, add some water, fluff up the dirt with a fork (they really puff!), and plant the bulb. I’ll keep you posted as things progress. Hopefully, this will be one of my first flowers of 2019!

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