2017 Top Bouquets: #2

In my last post I noted 27 days until spring. This was calculated to March 1. I have since noted that most note March 21st at the first day of spring. So, if you consider March 1 spring then we have just 12 days (this is what you get when you ask Google). If instead, you mark March 21st as the start, we still have 32 days. In either case, spring is coming. Here is photographic proof from my garden.

Daffodils Popping  Early

#2 – Summer Flowers – July 2, 2017

We are almost to the top bouquet of 2017, but first here is the runner up. This early summer bouquet had a number of summer flowers. The gorgeous, peachy gladiolus and their long spikes along with their petite white with pink centered counterparts. I also included some funfetti-ish zinnias, a huge dahlia, and a cone flower. Finally, I placed a few sprigs of sage to add some greenery to the mix. This year I’m going to learn how the pros make their bouquets so I can continue to learn to make even prettier displays.


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