November Garden Fun

Here in CoMo we typically have our first frost in mid-October. This fall has been unusually warm, with temperatures running about 10 degrees higher than normal. Our first frost this year didn’t arrive until November 13th. This was fortunate because I planted a few rose bushes a bit late this fall.

November starts the long stretch of limited garden fun. The days are short, the garden is asleep, and I am left counting down the days until spring (114!). So what is a garden gal to do during November to stay connected to the ground? Here are some ideas.

Read about Gardening

I know it is not the same as getting dirt under your nails, however reading is one of my favorite indoor activities. The fall is the perfect time to grow (pun intended) your knowledge. I am currently reading The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower’s Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers.

Get Inspired

As I read, I inevitably get inspired. Usually, this leads me to the interwebs to collect visuals. Pinterest is a great way to collect pictures, articles, and ideas you come across in your web search. I have several boards for gardening so that when garden season rolls around I can look back through my collections for new projects. I’ve also been journaling about new projects that I have been dreaming up, including a new front trellis for the sweet peas that just arrived from Floret Flowers.

Indoor Gardening

The fall is a great time to turn your attention to your indoor friends. My orchids and Christmas cactus are about to bloom which will make for some fun photography sessions. I’ve been looking around for new pots and planters to go with my mid-century decor. It’s also a great time to peak around for new indoor plants as they go on clearance after they bloom or as garden centers shut down for the year.

What do you do to satisfy your need to garden in November?

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